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About the actor



Jochen Horst finished at the state College in Graz/Austria, the Music Academy of Perfoming Arts with summa cum laude in 1986. Because of his bilingual upbringing (his grandfather is from Chicago) he went to London for further training at the Lee Strasberg Institute to deepen his studies in different acting techniques, especially in the so called "Method". While he stayed in London and Australia for many years, he did films in Italy, England and France and has worked with Burt Lancaster, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sir Peter Ustinov. He also did many plays in the theater. In 1989 he was awarded with the "O.E. Hasse-Award" a most prestigious award for best newcomer in the theater in Germany and the "Grimme Award" for best actor in 1996, and a couple of Nominations in the following years for his film work.  His latest award (Cenacolo Dei Critici Italiani) was given within the Berlinale Filmfestival in 2012. He ranks five in the best german actors list of 2014 "Ten Best german actors" .   

Jochen lives in London, Hamburg and in a remote village somewhere in Spain.

He is one of the very few actors, who can perform and lean back on a very high skill in different techniques of acting methods.

Jochen's work is based on lots of experience in many a fields of the industry in regards of performing arts in two languages.


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